Diverse Dreams United

Q: Imagine that Alice from The Wonderland and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz have an accidental rendezvous. They do not recognize each other and are quite surprised. They start to chat but have difficulties communicating because of differences in British and American accents. Alice wants to get out of her nightmare dream and Dorothy is dreaming to get back to Kansas. Could you outline their possible dialog and outcome?


The bustling streets of the Emerald City come to a standstill for Alice and Dorothy, as they accidentally bump into each other. Their eyes meet, curiosity piqued.

Alice: My apologies, miss. I seem to have wandered far from the Queen's garden party. Could you enlighten me as to where we are?

Dorothy: You're in the Emerald City, right in the heart of Oz. You talk kinda different. You ain't from here, are ya?

Alice: Emerald City? How peculiar! No, I hail from England, actually. Your accent is quite unique as well.

Dorothy: That's 'cause I'm from Kansas. I've been trying to find a way back, but missed my ride on a hot air balloon. Looks like we're both a little lost.

Alice: Indeed, it would seem so. I'm trying to escape this rather nightmarish dream. Perhaps, if we collaborate, we could find a solution?

Dorothy: Well, that sure sounds like a good idea. The Wizard used to be able to help, but he's gone now. We'll have to find another way.

With a shared purpose, Alice and Dorothy decide to navigate their way through the Emerald City. Despite the accent barrier, they learn to understand each other as they share tales of their home worlds and adventures.

They make their way to the royal palace, where Princess Ozma now reigns after the Wizard's departure. She is known for her kindness and wisdom.

Ozma: What brings two girls from different worlds to my kingdom?

Alice: We wish to return to our respective homes, your highness. I to England, and Dorothy to Kansas.

Ozma: A heartfelt request. But remember, home isn't just a place. It's where your heart finds peace.

Taking Ozma's words to heart, Alice and Dorothy realise that their longing to return home is also a longing for familiarity and comfort.

With Ozma's magic, Dorothy is transported back to Kansas via another magical means—a pair of silver slippers. Alice, on the other hand, is given a magical charm by Ozma. When Alice touches it, she abruptly wakes up from her dream and finds herself back in her room in England.

Dorothy: "Farewell, Alice. Even if we met under strange circumstances, I'm glad we had this adventure together."

Alice: "Indeed, Dorothy. Our shared experience in the Emerald City will always be an unforgettable adventure."

Their meeting was unexpected, their journey challenging, but in the end, both Alice and Dorothy returned home with a newfound understanding of what home truly means and the knowledge that friendship can transcend the boundaries of different worlds and accents.


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