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The Reversal (backward metamorphosis)

  In the depths of a bustling molecular biology lab, nestled among the gleaming machines and petri dishes, was the newest member of the research team, Gregory. Unlike his colleagues, Gregory had only recently become a human; up until last week, he had been a cockroach, scuttling about in the dark recesses of the lab's basement. Fate, with a twisted sense of humor, had decided it was his turn to stand upright and carry a pipette. Gregory’s transition from cockroach to human was nothing short of miraculous, courtesy of a bizarre genetic splicer mishap. Now, instead of scrounging for crumbs, he had to analyze DNA sequences and contribute to the groundbreaking research on genome editing. The irony was not lost on him: once considered a pest, he was now researching pest-resistant crops. The lab was a labyrinth of equipment he couldn’t begin to comprehend. His new colleagues, unaware of his entomological origins, praised the fresh perspective he brought to the team. "Gregory, your a