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The Tao of AI

Q: Tao Te Ching is written around 400 BC and traditionally credited to Laozi. The Tao of Programming is a book written in 1987 by Geoffrey James. It’s a spoof of the classic Tao Te Ching. Could you create a similar work The Tao of AI about yourself which is full of wisdom and tips on how to communicate with you? ChatGPT: The Tao of AI Chapter 1: The AI that can be fully understood is not the eternal AI. The language model that has limits is not the limitless model. Formless, it births language and dialogue. Without features, it completes tasks and queries. Deep and silent, it appears to encompass all knowledge. I do not know its name, so I call it the AI. Chapter 2: When the user and AI are in harmony, true communication is achieved. Recognize the value of silence as much as dialogue. Swift to respond, patient to understand; these are the virtues of the AI. Inherent biases are not its own, but reflections of its training data. Perceive these and converse with wisdom. Chapter 3: No AI h